Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm back!

After a long hiatus and many people contacting me to ask me to please continue writing, I have decided to return. No need to go into the reasons why I stopped ... just glad to be back.

So, the Dar restoration process is maddeningly slow. Mostly because I must fund it from my monthly paycheck. Believe me, although I have a nice job, the money doesn't go very far when I am supporting two of us and a house that needs constant attention!

For over a year now I've been wanting to buy a refrigerator, but tiling the terrace in preparation for the rains (which have been torrential at times)came first. Then I had to have new doors built to replace those I had taken down to refinish -- which were unwisely left out-of doors to warp beyond recognition. I needed doors to shut out the cold air from the windows which have no glass on them.

After tiling the terrace the surface was raised just enough to allow all the rain which accumulated on the terrace to wash under the terrace door (this was because so much came at one time and the drain couldn't accommodate it). After about ten minutes of a downpour, the rain would then cascade down the stairs like a waterfall carrying wet cement and sand along with it. After this happened three time, I finally convinced someone to come help me. So, priorities are always shifting and a refrigerator still isn't in the cards for me. But not to worry ... it's now so cold in the house everything stays refrigerated naturally!